Merlin - Section properties calculator and BS5950 design tool

Merlin is the BS5950 equivalent of QuikEC3 and remains an effective tool for creating custom sections for export to Quikport, Quikjoint, Quikframe and Quikbeam.

Merlin speeds the repetitive calculations required for steel design to BS5950-P1:2000. The program deals with a comprehensive range of section shapes including semi-compact and slender and even facilitates the creation of custom made rolled and fabricated sections.

Use Merlin to try out ideas or perform complete member design.

Merlin BS5950 section properties

Supply loading and Merlin will do the rest:

BS5950 section classification including slender sections

Try out ideas and get fast results:

BS5950 lateral torsional buckling

And even full calculations:

Merlin calculations to BS5950

Use Merlin to export new section shapes to other Quiksoft programs:


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