Installing on a network

For unlock codes and other assistance see: Contacts.

To download you must first login, or if this is your first time here, create an account. To create an account click Register, you will receive instructions via email, we will then send an email confirming that your login details have been approved. You will then be able to login.

Once logged in you will be able to access the site's Downloads menu and download the latest Setup program.

Each Quiksoft program has its own Setup program. Using Quikjoint as an example its Setup program is of the form 'QJ32-851.exe' where the last three digits is the release number (in this case release 8.51).

We recommend that you retain the Setup program in a folder 'Quiksoft downloads' on your computer.


First download the Setup program and save it. 

The Quiksoft programs install into two locations on the server:

  • The applications folder, standard users will require Read and Execute access.
  • The licence folder, standard users will require file Write, Create and Delete access.

Installation is simplest if performed from a client to the server. The Setup program must have administrator privileges to the server. It is possible to install directly to the server, but ensure that the selected path names are 'as seen' by other computers on the network (Browse through My Network Places, do not select 'C:').

Please use full UNC file path names (\\Server01\). Mapped drives cause problems during automatic elevation of the Setup program under Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Microsoft recommends UNC path names.

Installation on the network server

  • Run the Setup program and in the second screen choose: 'Network server'.
  • Follow the on screen instructions clicking 'Next >' to proceed to the next screen.

Starting the program

  • The Network server installation will have made the Quiksoft application available from the current computer.
  • From the desktop shortcut open the 'Quiksoft for Windows' folder.
  • Start the Quiksoft application.
  • Send us the program name and serial number displayed in the program's opening screen. The text details in the form can be selected and copy/pasted directly to an email. We will then send you a four digit unlock code together with instructions for setting the number of concurrent users and unlocking any design modules (see below). Also see: Contacts.

Setting the number of concurrent users

  • Start the application.
  • Under the applications Help menu select 'Network licence settings' and click on 'More users...'.
  • Enter the number of users together with your dealer supplied network code. See: Contacts

Optional design modules

Quikport, Quikframe, Quikjoint and Quikbeam have optional design modules. To unlock these:

  • Start the application.
  • Under the application's Help menu, select: 'Purchase design modules'.
  • In the 'Purchase' form select your options, and enter the code supplied by your dealer. See: Contacts

Setting up a network client

From the client, using the UNC file path, browse to the Quiksoft application folder, then rather than start the application, start the program 'ClientSetup.exe' installed in the same folder. It's fully automatic, simply accept the defaults. On completion look for the 'Quiksoft for Windows' icon on the client computer's desktop.

Setting a default location for the user's data files

When a new user runs a Quiksoft program for the first time it will display a form requesting a location for the Quiksoft project folder (default location of his data files). You should ensure that each user sets up a suitable location that is included in a backup system.


Should you encounter problems with your network installation we have a free network diagnostic report generator. Download it here: Network troubleshooting