Quiksoft News

GTSCadbuild passes support directly to Quiksoft Limited

Following the retirement of Alan, John and Stephanie, maintenance and support of the Quiksoft programs is being passed directly to Quiksoft limited.

We have worked closely with GTSCADBUILD Ltd since 1986.

In 1986 there was just one program, PF5950, operating under MSDOS. This was an overnight success and proved the catalyst for what has become the Quiksoft library of programs.

We pride ourselves in always being at the forefront of software development, moving to each new release of Windows, implementing changes in British standards, SCI guides and more recently significant changes to fully embrace the challenges of the Eurocodes.

As the originators of the Quiksoft programs we are best placed to provide the excellent level of service that you have come to expect and look forward to supporting you in the future.

We wish Alan, John and Stephanie a long and happy retirement.