Quiksoft News

New Quikport release - Download release 8.00 now

This major new release covers all our customer comments and requests. 

Program enhancements include:

  1. The printed results can be grouped 'by item' or 'by combination'. In this way forces, reactions etc can be grouped together.
  2. Your user address can now be replaced with your company logo.
  3. Design wizard now has a facility to change deflection limits built in. You no longer need to leave the wizard to relax the limits.
  4. Faster access to the Copy for Quikjoint option.
  5. Faster access to the Sections Group form for modifying section sizes and grades.
  6. Better validation of user input along with better forms for the input of uniform and trapezoidal loads.
  7. DXF output to any location and file name.
  8. Better support for dual monitor systems.
  9. Better support for the Quiksoft website including automatic checks for available program updates and help with upgrades.

For full details of all 35 individual enhancements see pdfReadMe.pdf.